My work as a Product Design Engineer

. Aerial Tramways Project.

As a Product Design Engineer, I worked for five years in a Colombian elevator and other vertical transportation equipment manufacturing, installation and maintenance company called Coservicios S. A., owner of the former Ascensores Andino brand. Both are now property of Schindler GmbH under the Schindler-Andino brand. Visit their webpages at:

My main task there was to design some of the parts and assemblies for elevators and aerial tramways, create technical drawings, parts lists and manuals for them, and check their regulation compliance.

Our aerial tramways' being installed before their operation

. Manual harvesting tools and their accesories

As a product design engineer, I also had an entrepreneurial idea since I was studying at University. It was the design, manufacturing and commercialization of manual equipment such as hand tools and accessories for agriculture. The main product was a hand fruit picker, which basically consisted of a telescopic pole and some special scissors on its tip for cutting the fruit's stem, a small basket for storing the fruits and a fabric duct for softly conveying the fruit way down. I also developed a special rucksack for storing the harvest.

The designs worked very well and reached the pre-production phase, but never were mass manufactured, for there were lack of funds, time and a partner.

The hand tool and the rucksack

Project sketch samples

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