Wild Skies project

This is a joint project between Gnomon School of Visual Effects and USC for a virtual reality first person game. It will be launched in may 2013, work in progress.

Ships 1 and 2 thumbnails

Ships 1 and 2 studies

 Ship 1 study

Ship 1 final painting

Ship 1 views for 3D modeling

Ship 2 study

Ship 2 final painting

Ship 2 views for 3D modeling

Ships 3 and 4 thumbnails

Ship 3 final painting

Ship 3 views for 3D modeling

Ship 3 low resolution 3D model for a game

Ship 4 final painting

Ship 4 views for 3D modeling

Ship 4 low resolution 3D model for a game

Ships 3 and 4 low resolution 3D models for a game

Sunbeam cannon thumbnails

Sunbeam cannon study and views for 3D modeling

Environment studies

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